About AMIP

The Aquaculture Market Information Platform (AMIP) is an online platform aimed at linking up aquaculture stakeholders to mitigate marketing constraints. Through AMIP, farmers can log in and find out the prices for their commodities and where there is demand for fish. AMIP is hosted by KMFRI-NARDTC and is available as a web based service at http://amip.nardtc.or.ke.

To carry out its functions, AMIP consists of:

  • A directory with production details of fish farmers, feed producers, authenticated hatcheries and fish market outlets

  • A robust geographically referenced user-friendly database of aquaculture stakeholders;

  • An online market place to connect stakeholders to conduct business transactions

  • A resource centre containing accurate and timely aquaculture information in the entire fish value chain.

  • A mobile based platform (AquaNet) to share and disseminate information to fish famers.

Expected benefits of AMIP include:

  • Well-maintained geo-database of aquaculture stakeholder data;

  • Existence of a spatial datasets that meets information needs of users;

  • The ability to visualize the aquaculture value chain facilities on maps;